The Kiss

For my last day in Austria, I am spending it touring the Belvedere Museum. The Belvedere is housed in the summer palace of an Austrian prince from the 18th century.  Its famous art collection includes works ranging from the Middle Ages to the present day. Austrian art in an international context is presented in three locations.  Highlights include  works from the periods of Viennese Biedermeier, Austrian Baroque, Vienna around 1900, and French Impressionism. Most importantly, the Belvedere Museum is home to the world’s largest collect of Gustav Klimt – my favorite!  Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter and member of the Vienna Art Nouveau or Secession movement. His paintings focused on  the female body, and he is most known for his “Golden Phase” in which he used gold particularly in the paintings “The Kiss” and “Adele Bloch-Bauer”. 

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