Hunting Chamois

While in the National Park, I am rock climbing and hunting for chamois. Hunting chamois (pronounced shammy or shamwah) is a traditional European pastime. These 55- to 130-pound mountain dwellers have been familiar prey and welcome dinner guests for thousands of years. From peasants and herders to kings and queens, hunters have launched expeditions to slay the hearty, elusive mountain chamois. Many of Austrian’s oldest hunting traditions evolved through management of these unique animals. Even firearms—those trim, light, elegant European single-shots—were inspired by chamois. Climbing the hills, mountains, and rocky ridges of Europe and the Middle East in search of chamois in montane, sub-alpine, and alpine habitats is as classic a hunt as Europe offers.

Among the large animals of the Hohe Tauern, the diurnal, goat-like chamois that can be most often observed. Its summer coat is rust-brown, while in winter it turns blackish-brown. Both sexes have horns. The tuft of chamois hair worn as a hat decoration is made from the dark spinal stripe of fur. Frequently, the females and fawns live together in packs led by an old she-goat. Social cohesion in a pack may vary strongly with the seasons. The younger bucks also form packs while the older bucks live highly solitary lives. It’s only at breeding time in November that the bucks join the herds. Rival bucks often get into fierce fight over territory.

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